Chamonix: Market day, every Saturday

29 Sep 2018, 07:00 - 13:00
Place du Mont Blanc

Event Description

Saturday morning at Place du Mont Blanc, the Chamonix Market Day!

Every Saturday morning of the year, a large market covers the Place du Mont Blanc and sometimes runs along Rue Whymper as well. Here you can find all sorts of treats from local and regional producers, fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, cheeses and charcuterie. Also, there are many craft stalls featuring artisan products, clothes and shoes.

Like many markets, it is not just a commercial event, it gets highly social! The nearby bars and cafe's bustle with activity.

For more info: +33 4 50 53 11 13 Town hall of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

More Info

EU regulations have 'tamed' the market since the late 1990s, so you are unlikely to find a locally shot and butchered wild boar, but there are plenty of other surprises; not all of them are immediately apparent.

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Place du Mont Blanc
Address: Place du Mont Blanc, Chamonix
Phone: +33 4 50 53 11 13
Event Owner/Manager
Name: Office de Tourisme de Chamonix
Address: 85, Place du Triangle, boîte postale 25
74400 Chamonix
Phone: +33 4 50 53 00 24