Radio Krimi Party

29 Sep 2017, 22:00
Maison des Artistes

Event Description

Radio Krimi Party at the Maison des Artistes, Chamonix Mont-Blanc


Friday 26th May 2017, at 10pm, Maison des Artistes invites everyone to Radio Krimi Party by Dj Krimi.

DJ Krimi first found his passion for music through Hip Hop in 1988. Soon he turned to Soul & Funk and then discovered the rhythmic instrumentals of African & Latin music. Following his love of music the DJ opened a record shop in 1992. With vinyl at its peak, his shop provided endless opportunities for creative exploration.
After several dates in Switzerland, Paris and at La Cantina (Chamonix Mont-Blanc), he became resident DJ at Soul Food Dancefloor taking people away every night with unconventional sounds inspired by Latin & Afro Sounds, Hip Hop 90′s, Reggae, Soul, Funk & much more.


Since then he has collaborated with several talented artists such as Ayité d’Aryotaux, Eklips and Dj Mars. In 2011, he started his own radio broadcast, still running 24/7. In 2015 Radio Krimi becomes Radio Krimi Records and its activity is added to the radio.


Come and spend a wonderful evening!




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