Espace Tairraz in Chamonix - L'Espace Alpinisme


The "Espace Tairraz" is an exhibition hall in Chamonix, that was completely remodelled in 2011. It is a modern space, half-buried in a concrete bunker, that hosts the Crystal Museum and numerous exhibitions that rotate over the course of a year.

Espace Tairraz is designed around electronic and mechanical devices. The Climbing Simulator is the first of its kind. Using the interactive exhibition modules, visitors can initiate expeditions to distant peaks, climb prestigious faces and better understand famous climbing routes. It is an educating and entertaining experience for all ages.

Espace Tairraz in Chamonix Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Des Glaciers et des Hommes, exibhition in Chamonix Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Geology Room Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Fluorite - Crystal Exhibition Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Sideritte - Crystal Exhibition at Espace Tairraz Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Crystal collection of the Mineralogy Club of Chamonix Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
The Crystal Museum at Espace Tairraz Access Map Copyright @ Espace Tairraz
Annual Museum Pass

The Crystal Museum
Le Musée des Cristaux is a permanent exhibition of the crystal collections of the Mineralogy Club of Chamonix. An extraordinary variety of crystalline minerals that have been found in the Alps and around the world is on display. The exhibition features local smoky quartz varieties and red fluorites. Some minerals on display in the glass cases are from the "Lesage" Collection acquired by the town of Chamonix and on loan from private collectors.
The exhibition presents the aesthetic qualities of minerals and an educational piece about the formation of quartz crystals. A rich journey of colours for both adults and children.
During school holidays, every Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm and 4:30pm, the Museum provides tours guided by members of the Mineralogy Club of Chamonix.


Adults: €7
Children (-18): Free of charge (family visit).
Group adults: €5
Group children: €2.50

Reduced price for (Guest card, resident, seasonal, senior, student, local, large family, disabled) with presentation of the voucher : €5
Groups only upon reservation.

Annual Museum Pass: €12

You can buy an annual museum pass for all the museums (Espace Tarraiz, Alpine Museum, Maison de la Memoire du Patrimoine in Chamonix, Montagnard Museum in Les Houches, Maison du Lieutenant in Servoz and Maison de Barberine in Vallorcine) which allows you unlimited access for 1 year. On sale at the museums.


Espace Tairraz is currently closed for renovation and redevelopment of the Crystals Museum.

Reopening is scheduled for August 2021.

For its reopening, the Crystals Museum offers an immersion in the mineralogy of the Alps, France and from the entire world. It invites you to discover the centuries-old tradition of quartz harvesting in the Mont-Blanc Massif, which is still alive today.

Among the major crystals, you will find the exceptional collection of pink and red fluorites from the Mont-Blanc, an Alpine treasure unique in the world. As well as all the rich variety of minerals of the Alpine Arc, making this dedicated exhibition a point of excellence of international level. The museum then invites you to explore the extraordinary mineralogical diversity of France, its mining past and its major sites, followed by a great colorful world tour of minerals from five continents.

New 2021

The "Treasure", where gems, cut stones and native metals (gold, silver, copper) will be exposed.  Nearly 1,400 crystals will amaze enthusiasts and curious people of all ages, on an exhibition area of ​​700 m².

This new crystal museum, enlarged and renovated, now ranks among the most beautiful national mineralogical museums.

St Michel: 615 allée du Recteur Payot,
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Tel: +33 4 50 55 53 93