The Albert 1er refuge closes for the season


According to LeDauphine, the season is over for Albert 1er refuge.

The Albert 1er refuge closes earlier this year, due to the water shortage that is currently affecting the refuge. 

"The reserves are dry", says Paul Laborde, the shelter's manager. The manager says there is a connection between the lack of water and the heatwaves that affected Mont-Blanc this summer.

Without water, the doors of the building were closed and the staff went down into the valley.

The Albert 1er refuge will reopen in the spring of 2020!

Albert Premier Refuge

Situated just beneath the Glacier du Tour, at an altitude of 2,706 m (8,877 ft), Albert Premier is a stone hut which dates from 1959.

Recently renovated, the Albert Premier hut provides superb access for both skiers and hikers to the glacier or on the neighbouring summits: Aiguille du Tour, Grande Fourche, Chardonnet, Aiguille d'Argentière, la Verte et les Drus & les Aiguilles Rouges.

The new Refuge Albert 1er Hut, Glacier du Tour, Massif du Mont Blanc
Albert 1er Refuge
Refuge Albert 1er seen at night

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