Argentrail Scheduled for 16 August 2020


Great news for all sports enthusiasts: the Argentrail is one of the few races that will still take place in 2020!

For the 4th edition of the Argentrail, the Sports Club of Argentière offers you a trail that will make you discover the Villages of Argentière and Lavancher, the alpine pastures of the Pendant, then take you to Peclerey where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc, the Verte and les Drus.

The Argentrail 2018
The Argentrail. Photo source
The Argentrail. Photo source

The ARGENTRAIL and the TRAIL DES GRANDS MONTETS are autonomous pedestrian-trail races. They take place in a limited time on natural and mountainous terrain along the hiking trails of the Lognan massif, the Pendant and the Peclerey.

Three races

Argentrail SOLO (27 km 1700 MD +/- to perform individually) & Argentrail DUO (27 km RELAY RACE 1700 MD +/- to perform in a team of two).

Argentrail SOLO & Argentrail DUO are open to women and men of all nationalities, born before 31 December 2002.  The maximum number of runners is set at 500 for all races.

The relay teams consist of two runners: men, women & mixed.

Argentrail SOLO & Argentrail DUO share the same route.

Departure: in the centre of the village of Argentière, 16 August 2020, from 8.30 am.

The route will take you to the village of Chosalets by the Moraine, then you will reach the village of Lavancher by the North balcony before tackling the first climb to the chalets of the Pendant.

From the Pendant mountain pasture, you will climb to the first control point at Plan Joran. You will have already travelled for 10 km.

You will then start the 1st descent on the Trapette trail, which will take you to the top of the Chosalets ski lift.

You will then reach the village of Argentière via the Moraine, a route already taken at the start. On arrival at the centre of the village and the starting area, you will have travelled 14 km, half of the race.

Here, you can hydrate & take a small break. At this point, you can either continue the race (for Argentral SOLO) or pass the baton to your teammate (for Argentrail DUO).

The 2nd race loop starts. You will travel by the goods path before turning off by the Lavieu path which will take you to the Planet after passing under the railway.

From Planet, you will take the Chemin des Travarchires, then the North balcony until you find on the right, the path which will take you towards the Peclerey mountain.

After a technical climb, you will pass near the small stone refuge at the head of the Grand Chantet. 20 km into the race, you will find a second checkpoint.

You will then continue on a balcony part, facing the Mont-Blanc chain before embarking on the 34 downhill turns which will bring you back on the path from Pierre to Bosson, then onto Chemin des Rambles, from which you will reach the centre from the village of Argentière and the finish line (same place as the departure).

Trail des Grands Montets (14km 800 MD +/-) - Half Argentrail

Open to women and men of all nationalities, born before 31 December 2004 (categories of the French Athletics Federation) for an individual race of +/- 14 km and 800 m of D + and D-.  The maximum number of runners is set at 500 for all races.

It is an individual race that takes place over the first loop of the Argentrail.


Registration is open until 14 August 2020 and can be done via the internet, on

The registration fees for the Argentrail 2020 are:

  • Argentrail solo (individual) 27km: 40 €;
  • Argentrail duo (in teams of 2) 27 km: 60 € / per team;
  • Trail of Grands Montets 14km: 25 €.

If places are still available, then last-minute registration is possible, under the following rates:

  • Argentrail solo (individual) 27km: 50 €;
  • Argentrail duo (in teams of 2) 27 km: € 70 / per team;
  • Trail of Grands Montets 14km: 35 €.

Registrations are guaranteed and free for elite runners whose ITRA indices are 700 or more for men and 600 for women. Any request for registration in this context must be made by email to the following address:

COVID-19 measures

To respect the social distancing measures due to the coronavirus, the departure will take place in several stages. Thus, small groups of athletes will start every 15 seconds, for a better distribution of the riders throughout the course. The competition will be evaluated against the clock.

Then, to avoid a too dense gathering, the award ceremony is cancelled.


More information can be found on

Argentière Sports Club: +33 (0) 4 50 54 16 36, email:

You can register here.

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