Arve Valley: Solidarity for Healthcare Staff


While France is dealing with the terrible coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that everyone follows any regulation & advice given by the authorities (especially, to stay home) and to help one another during these difficult times.

Some people do more than that. Two Haute-Savoie residents started two crowdfunding projects, to help those who help us - the medical staff.

Two Haute-Savoie residents started two crowdfunding projects, to help those who help us - the medical staff. photo source

Solidarity for nursing staff

"Faced with the current Covid-19 situation, I looked for a way to be able to support emergency personnel: hospital workers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics, firefighters, etc", declares the Chamoniard Mireille Meloche.

The money raised from this crowdfunding projects will be used to prepare good little dishes, that the medical staff can either eat on the spot or take home at the end of their long days.

Unable to prepare 120 meals at home, Mireille Meloche has asked the help of OSMOSE Chamonix cuisine. Olivier graciously provided his team, his skills and his equipment so that this idea can materialize and achieve the goal of supporting caregivers.

"We will typically prepare ready-to-eat, vacuum-packed or sterilized soups and meals that we will make available in emergencies, medical offices, nursing homes, etc. 

All in an ecological way (glass jars which will be collected and ideally filled and brought back for the next care team). Your donations will be used to buy the ingredients and cover the production costs (glass jars, etc.)

With 2 €, we bring them good brownies.

With 5 €, we prepare a good homemade soup.

With € 7.50, a dish with meat and starchy food (lasagna or Parmentier).

The more donations there are, the longer we will be able to help caregivers for a long time (the worst is yet to come) and all caregivers, not just those in emergencies. Promised photos of the result and I will keep you informed of deliveries and the number of meals that 'we will manage to do.

In advance, THANK YOU all for your precious help!"

If you would like to donate, please go here (French only)Click on "Je participe" and fill out your personal information.

This crowdfunding will end on 27 April 2020 and as of 25 March, has already raised 1,260 €, from 33 people.

Sallanches: Masks for Hopitaux du Pays du Mont-Banc

Frédéric Lubart launched this initiative to help the nursing staff in the face of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

His goal is to use the raised money to buy 10,000 FFP2 masks (Filtering Facepiece) and 1000,000 TII masks.

For fast repatriation from China via plane, the order should be at least 5,000 euros, which this crowdfunding has successfully reached.

The prize pool ended this Tuesday, March 24 at midnight & it raised 5,940 €.

The masks are expected to be delivered between late March and early April, so they reach the hospitals before the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

For its part, Sallanches hospital refuses to speak of a shortage of masks and even specifies that the government has assured that there will not be any.

However, the nursing staff notice the lack of stock and will be reassured by this delivery.

For more details on this crowdfunding, go here (french only).

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