Chamonix: Bus Network Reinforced during Winter


In an attempt to limit the use of cars & reduce pollution, the Chamonix valley local bus network will be reinforced this winter.

Moreover, this winter season users will be surprised by some novelties, including a new shuttle to serve the new La Flégère gondola.

Chamonix valley bus
Chamonix bus, photo by Pieye Trains, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0., photo source
A new shuttle bus will be in service for the new La Flégère gondola (photo). photo source

From all corners of the world, people retreat to the Chamonix valley to let off steam by engaging in hiking, skiing or any other of the many activities the valley has to offer, while at the same time taking in the magnificent views.

But the popularity of the valley takes its toll, especially during the winter season. Indeed, winter accounts for 58% of the annual traffic in the valley, with around 1.5 million travellers, and 640,000 kilometres travelled. 

And with traffic comes pollution, and air pollution resulted from the overuse of cars contributes to global warming. In 2010, a NASA study declared that automobiles were officially the largest net contributor to climate change pollution in the world.

The Chamonix valley has implemented a policy to reduce the traffic and the pollution resulted from it. The bus system will be reinforced during the winter season and, moreover, new bus routes will be installed.

New shuttle to serve the new La Flégère gondola

During the five months of the winter season, there will be 25 vehicles, 45 drivers and 12 lines, instead of the usual 14 buses, 26 drivers and 5 lines.

And for this upcoming Christmas holiday period, a shuttle will be tested between Les Praz and Les Bois, from December 21 to January 5 with a 22-seater vehicle and rotations every 20 minutes.

The bus will run from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to serve the two hamlets and allow residents to access the La Flégère gondola without using the car.

As a reminder, the new La Flégère gondola was opened on 14 December 2019, and it was the result of many months of hard work & great financial investments.

At the end of the Christmas holidays, the impact of this new line will be assessed and the line might be renewed for the February holidays.

Four new gas buses

Two of them will operate from December and the other two from February.

Moreover, ten passenger kiosks will be installed at the beginning of 2020. Thus, passengers will be provided with real-time information.

In addition, you can now follow traffic in real-time on the Chamonix bus website and via the tourist office application.

"If we want to be good, we will have to be collectively", warns Eric Fournier, mayor of Chamonix. 

Indeed, "tourism concerns everyone", declares Stéphane Boizard, president of the Chamonix tourist office.

Le Dauphine

The schedule for all the bus lines running in the Chamonix valley can be found here.

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