Chamonix: busy day for the PGHM


The beautiful weather at the beginning of the Easter weekend brought a busy day for the Chamonix High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon (PGHM) .

All the rescues were carried out with the help of the Choucas 74 gendarmerie helicopter. Photo archives The DL /G.Y.
Most of the classic hikes are not currently accessible: high-altitude lakes, large balconies, etc., including crampons or snowshoes (the relief of the valley: is steep, and the risk of 'avalanche is considerable). Photo source: @

Nine rescue interventions for the PGHM

On Saturday 16 April at 5:30 p.m.,  from the gendarms of the Chamonix PGHM carried out no less than nine interventions.

According to Le Dauphine, two rescues took place on the slopes of the Grands Montets ski area. One involved a collision in which one of the two people involved was evacuated to Sallanches Hospital after showing signs of a head injury.

Four rescues took place in the off-piste area of ​​the Vallee Blanche. In particular, three exhausted people were evacuated to the DZ des Bois. Rescuers also had to take care of a ski hiker with a leg pain.

Rescue for hikers

Near the chalets of Varan in the commune of Passy, ​​the PGHM rescued a 70-year-old man who had unscrewed.

In Chamonix, at Lac Blanc, two exhausted hikers were also forced to seek help from rescuers and the Choucas gendarmerie helicopter.

La Chamoniarde: Info for hiking in altitude, Saturday 16 April

After these rescues La Chamoniarde, remind that it was still too early to consider most of the hikes around the Mont Blanc massif.

The local mountain security association indicates that from 1700-1900 meters above sea level, snowfall remains continuous. High-altitude lakes and large balconies are thus not yet practicable in the Chamonix Valley.

The professionals invite everyone to don't hesitate to inquire before leaving for the high-mountains.

Source: @Le Dauphiné Libéré

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