Chamonix: Desolating Photo of Mer de Glace


On 3 February 2020, the Mer de Glace offered a desolating view.

"La Yaute en direct" posted on Facebook a photograph from Webcam Chamonix on 3 February 2020.

The picture shows a shrunken grey Mer de Glace - it can be said that the largest glacier in France is only a shadow of what used to be.

Mer de Glace is rapidly shrinking, photo taken on 3 February 2020, photo source
Mer de Glace, photo taken on 5 February 2020

Decreased by heat and rain, the Mer de Glace is highly affected by global warming.

Located at 1,913 meters altitude (6,276 ft) near Chamonix in the French Alps, the Mer de Glace has been shrinking at a record pace for the past 30 years.

According to, the Mer de Glace is about 100 metres (328 ft) lower than it used to be a century ago.

30 years ago, a visitor could descent only three steps to reach the glacier from the small cable car that takes ones to Mer de Glace from the Montenvers Train Station. Nowadays, there are 580 steps down to the glacier.

A desolating view and a bleak future for the glaciers of the world!

You can see how the Mer de Glace looks in real-time here.

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