Chamonix: Magic Mont-Blanc Festival in 2020


It is now official! The Magic Mont-Blanc Festival, led by Eric Antoine, returns to Chamonix for its third edition!

From 23 to 26 April 2020, come to Chamonix to enjoy four days filled with innovative moments of laughter and, of course, magic!

Magic Mont-Blanc Festival, photo source @facebook
Magic Mont-Blanc Festival, photo source @facebook
Magic Mont-Blanc Festival, photo source @facebook

For the third year in a row, April brings magic to the Chamonix valley!

Following the success of its first & second edition, Eric Antoine returns to Chamonix, accompanied by some of the most talented French magicians.

Eric Antoine, the artistic director of the Magic Mont-Blanc Festival, plans a more entertaining festival than ever before! "Chamonix is his [Eric Antoine] favourite city in the world", writes Le Dauphine

The public will be able to attend two Gala evenings. There will also be stage close-ups which will be held in a small, friendly and warm room.

There will also be two evenings entirely dedicated to artists that Eric Antoine wished at all costs to bring in front of the audience: The Cabaret of illusionists and its seven magicians, all awarded at World Magic Championships.

As for the younger audience, a special formidable show dedicated to children will take place, called Vie de Grenier, interpreted by Mahieu Stepson.

And since learning is an important part of the festival, children will be able to take part in initiation workshops led by guest magicians. The audience for these workshops will be 8+, and the participants will definitely leave with more than one trick in their bag!

Le Dauphine

Top performers: Eric Antoine - Arno - Caroline Marx - Fabien Olicard - Fred Razon Illusionniste - François Martinez - Laurent Beretta - Yves Doumergue - Le Cabaret des illusionnistes - Blizzard Concept - Mathieu Stepson.

You can find more details about the third edition of Magic Mont-Blanc festival on or on Facebook.

Phone number: +33(0)4 50 53 75 17

E-mail address:

The tickets are available for online purchase starting December 16, 2019, on

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