Chamonix: Two mountaineers saved from certain death


On 27 December 2019, at around 1.30 pm, two mountaineers got into a state of severe hypothermia when they were practising at the Pointe Lachenal (3,613 m or 11,854 ft altitude, located above the Glacier du Géant, under the East face of Mont Blanc du Tacul).

Fortunately, the gendarmes of the PGHM of Chamonix were able to intervene in due time via helicopter, to save the two mountaineers from certain death.

Dragon 74, helicopter of the PGHM of Chamonix, photo source

The two mountaineers (aged around 35) began their mountaineering activity on 26 December 2019, but they had to spend the night in a hole dug in the snow, which exhausted & slowed them down.

The next day, the PGHM of Chamonix intervened by helicopter Dragon 74 at the Pointe Lachenal, where the two men were in a state of extreme hypothermia and exhaustion.

Fortunately, the gendarmes were able to rescue the two men and transport them to Sallanches Hospital by helicopter.

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