Ligue Magnus: Chamonix wins match over Nice


Exciting news for all ice hockey fans from Chamonix!

After three losses in a row, the Pioneers of Chamonix managed to make a comeback and win against Nice on the 7th day of Ligue Magnus, 1 October 2019.

The Pioneers of Chamonix are playing in the Ligue Magnus season 2019/20, photo source @

The match took place on 1 October 2019, at the Jean-Bouin ice rink, in Nice. 

If playing away meant that the Pioneers were at a bit of a disadvantage, things were more pressing for the Chamonix team, as the match against Nice came after three losses in a row for the Chamoniards. 

On 20 September 2019, the Pioneers lost against Anglet, on 22 September, they lost against Rouen, and on 24 September, they lost against Grenoble.

Therefore, the victory against Nice definitely boosted the morale of the players and the supporters!

First Period

The Chamoniards played great during the first third of the match, but unfortunately, they did not score. 

Instead, it was Nice who scored after 2'12'' through Romain Carpentier (assisted by Yoanne Lacheny and Olivier Dame Malka).

Second Period

The second third was a steady one, with both teams playing harmoniously and no goals being scored.

Third Period

The Pioneers managed to gain some advantage after Enzo Baravaglio scored at 3'10'' (Numa Besson, Scott Jacklin), followed by Mathieu Briand at 15'04''.

However, the Nice players managed to equilibrate the game when Norbert Abramov scored at 18'28'', so the game hung in the balance until the extension.


Neither of the two teams managed to score in the five minutes of extension.


Henric Andersen scores and the Pioneers win.

On 4 September 2019, the Pioneers of Chamonix will play away against Amiens, who are currently the leaders. See the current ranking of the Ligue Magnus 2019/20.

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On the same day, Grenoble won against Briançon, Gap lost to Anglet, Rouen lost to Mulhouse and Amiens won against Angers.

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