COVID-19: The Chamonix Town Hall Answers all Questions


On their website, the Town Hall of Chamonix updates the "Frequently Asked Questions" section on a daily basis. 

This is done to ensure that everyone stays informed on the latest development of the confinement caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

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Since 14 March 2020, all ski resorts, facilities, restaurants & more are closed in the Chamonix Valley.

All France has been under lockdown since 17 March 2020, and the Town Hall of Chamonix updates their website on a daily basis, to ensure everyone has access to the latest developments.

Here are some of the questions answered by the town hall via their website,

Is the public transport in the Chamonix Valley still running?

The Mont-Blanc Express Train is not maintained.

The Chamonix bus lines 1 and 2 are, at the rate of one bus per hour.

The Mulet is also kept.

Finally, regional bus lines allow the last seasonal and holidaymakers to reach the lower valley from the bus station.

From Monday, March 23, users must reserve their place the day before for the following day at 04 50 78 05 33.

I am a secondary resident in Chamonix, do I leave my main residence to come to Chamonix?

No, since containment measures apply everywhere on the territory, it is totally inadvisable to leave your home and move around. You must, therefore, stay in your main residence, for the sake of citizenship and to avoid overcrowding in the local care systems.

The Swiss and the Italians cannot come to France in their second home for the weekend or on vacation or for shopping.

Only those who have a valid reason can move on the French territory (work which justifies it for example).

The gendarmes verbalize all those who have no valid reason.

I am a seasonal worker, can I join my family?

Yes, and it is also advisable to reach your main residence or your immediate family as soon as possible.

To travel, check “compelling family reason” on your derogatory travel authorization.

How is does the lockdown mean to the elderly?

The municipal centre for social action will regularly call people over 70 present in Chamonix.

 In addition, voluntary organizations, in collaboration with municipal services, will take turns to see them, make sure everything is fine, do some shopping for them and pick up their medicines from the pharmacy. 

The most fragile will be visited and called first.

 I want to help an elderly person close to my home and/or I know an elderly alone, how can I help them?

You can help them by first checking that they are registered in our records. They will thus be able to benefit from the regular passage of associations and the military. 

For this, contact the CCAS on 04 50 53 92 16.

Then, you are advised to maintain regular telephone contact with this person, to deliver their shopping while strictly maintaining the safety distances.

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Stay updated on the latest information on the Chamonix Town Hall Facebook.

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