Innovation in the Domaine des Planards


With almost 40 years of history, the Domaine des Planards keeps reinventing itself.

Providing excellent facilities for both winter and summer seasons, the Domaine des Planards is about to launch a new development plan.

Chamonix Amusement Park

The Domaine des Planards was born in December 1979, under the leadership of the Cachat family, and from the very first day the site was always one step ahead of similar businesses worldwide.

For example, the Domaine des Planards was the first site in the world to be equipped with automatic snow guns.

The Domaine des Planars was also the first site in France to have a summer toboggan, which is now a four-season toboggan.

Stéphane Balmat, one of the four partners who took over the business in 2017, said that the Domaine des Planards has gained the reputation of being "a mini-everything, on a different scale, a unique model where everything makes sense".

The Domaine des Planards, which is close to the Chamonix city centre, is a winter ski resort equipped with two ski lifts and a chairlift, which is ideal for children.

Moreover, the Domaine des Planards is a very popular site during summertime, as both locals and tourists come to the mini-amusement park to have fun.

The site has also hosted many World Cups and Championships.

As the Domaine des Planards turns 40 this December, more innovations will come.

The Domaine already has a new general director. "Symbolically, this is the transition to another chapter of development," notes Stéphane Balmat.

Le Dauphine

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