Fatal fall for two famous athletes in the Aravis, Haute-Savoie, on the 14th of February, 2019


Two local skiers were found dead in the Aravis Massif, Haute-Savoie, last Friday morning, the 15th of February 2019.

The ledge on which the two victims were evolving on Thursday, the 14th of February, yielded under their weight, dragging them into the void in the south-east face of the massif, Sallanches side.

Aravis Mountains, by Semnoz, licensed under CC BY 3.0, found on https://commons.wikimedia.org
Aravis North, licensed under CC BY 2.0, found on https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Aravis_Nord_2.jpg
The Aravis Mountains, found on https://fr.wikipedia.org
Pointe de Tardevant @ Aravis @ Hike around Mount Lachat Chatillon @ Le Grand-Bornand, licensed under CC BY 2.0, found on www.flickr.com

Thursday, the 14th of February, 2019

The whole world mourns the loss of two excellent athletes.

Last Thursday, the 14th of February, famous French national team member Juliette Benedicto was skiing in the Aravis, Haute-Savoie, together with elite cross-country racer, Tanguy Vuillet.

The tragedy happened on Thursday, February 14, at midday, on the top line between the Perfia and the Head of Paccaly, two peaks approaching 2,500 meters altitude.

The victims were on the ridge overlooking the Arve Valley when the ridge yielded under their weight and, consequently, they fell 300 hundred meters.

Since they have not returned on Thursday night, the families alerted the PGHM.

The PGHM have immediately departed with the Dragon helicopter from Chamonix to look for them, but they could not be located.

The PGHM have returned first thing on Friday morning and they have quickly found the bodies of the two victims.

The PGHM urges caution

The PGHM reminded ski tourers that this is the second incident happening this winter in the Aravis.

On the 19th of January, a ski tourer fell 400 meters and suffered multiple injuries.

"This is the second time that practitioners are carried away by a ledge that gives way, caution is required when moving on the ridges," said the PGHM of Annecy.

Le dauphine

The victims

Juliette Benedict was 32 years old and a mother of two infants.

She was working as a dietician in Mont-Saxonnex and she had been a passionate triathlete for many years.

Born on 1st of June 1986, she was only 16 when she was part of the team who won the Triathlon European Championship.

One year later, she became French Champion of Triathlon.

Ever since, Juliette Benedict participated in numerous sports competition, which included running, cross-country, swimming and biking.

In September 2018 she won the Alpsman, the triathlon disputed over an Ironman distance on the Annecy lake.

"A top athlete passionate about all sports and full of talent (triathlon, cycling, ski touring, Trail, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing ....) [....] she transmitted her joy of life!", posted the Trial magazine on Facebook.

Read more about Juliette Benedict and her extraordinary achievements on her official page.

Tanguy Vulliet was 24 years old and a resident of Pringy.

He had grown up in Annecy, studied in Grenoble and then returned to Annecy, where he was working for Outdoor Perspectives.

He had finished in the top one hundred of the Transjurassian ski race last week and was training for the Pierra Menta.