Freedom Snowsports: professional ski & snowboard coaching in Chamonix


What is it that makes one ski instructor different from another?

How can you ensure that the ski tuition & coaching provided to you are tailored to your own needs, overall fitness level and specific learning skills & outcomes?

Is there something you can do to make sure that your ski lessons will be both effective & enjoyable?

Freedom Snowsports in Chamonix prides themselves on being a different ski school, one that caters to everyone's needs and wants.

Freedom Snowsports offers dedicated and talented ski, snowboard or telemark instructors.
Freedom Snowsports offers dedicated and talented ski, snowboard or telemark instructors.
Freedom Snowsports offers dedicated and talented ski, snowboard or telemark instructors.

Freedom Snowsports offers ski schools in Chamonix, but also in Megève, Saint-Gervais and Les Contamines.

Their ski schools consist of small collectives of instructors, specialized in different snow sports, such as ski, snowboard and telemark.

The instructors are carefully selected by a governing body instructor examiner.

Aside from their impeccable skiing skills and their high level of teaching skills, the instructors from Freedom Snowsports speak various languages fluently and possess great interpersonal communication skills.

Instructor’s interpersonal skills are based on their ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. Built from varied and worldwide experience not just from the ski industry, but with backgrounds in other careers, sports, and life.

Teaching Philosophy & Methods

The teaching philosophy and methods develop lessons around the individual and their requirements. The team of instructors focus on the actual motor skills that need developing to help a person reach their skiing or snowboarding goals.

The training sessions are specially structured to fit an individual's learning styles so that the individual can develop their understanding and ski skills much more effectively.

Moreover, the lessons offered by the Freedom Snowsport ski instructors aim at enabling individuals to become self-sufficient, so that they can develop their ski practice outside of the lesson environment.

Background Of Skiing Excellence

The team of instructors are truly versatile with a high level of teaching and skill in all areas. That said, each instructor has some world-class skill in specialist areas. From competing in Giant Slalom at World cup and Europa cup level To World Freeride Tour Qualifiers.

Training and Examining Instructors for multiple national governing bodies (Italian, British, Slovenian) (That is the instructors of instructors). Sponsored skiers that represent Brands such as Elan, Roxa, G3, Arcteryx, and Dalbello.

The instructors' combined experience, skill level, and understanding of the wonderful winter sports are outstanding. But this does not mean that they only teach top level. It just means that they have an in-depth understanding of their sport, which allows them to develop skiers and snowboarders from beginner, essential intermediate skills, and all the way up to pro coaching.

Why Chamonix?

The Chamonix area and the valleys around Mont-Blanc have so much to offer at every ability level, altitude, and weather condition.

Consider the entire Mont-Blanc Unlimited ski area, the Evasion area and the Chamonix valley combined. It has a combined 595km of pistes (445km + 150km) and a combined 17,000 acres of off-piste terrain. The skiing altitude starting at 1,035 meters ascending all the way up to 3,842 metres. There is a huge choice for every level of ability and skiing style.

Where to find Freedom Snowsports?

The instructors and staff at the Freedom Snowsports love helping others to enjoy more of their skiing and snowboarding, and to truly fall for the breathtaking mountains.

You can easily and quickly organize guidings or book lessons with the Freedom Snowsports instructors on

For more information, you can contact Freedom Snowsports directly or follow them on Facebook.

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