COVID-19: Travelling from Geneva Airport (GVA) to Chamonix


A lot of information in the News about the Swiss imposed quarantine for people arriving in Switzerland. As Geneva Airport (GVA) is the main feeder airport for Chamonix, obviously there is a lot of concern.

All and any concern is completely unfounded.

These restrictions have no impact on anyone travelling to or from Chamonix via GVA.

 Geneva Airport Arrival. author @eGuide Travel, licensed under CC-BY SA 2.0, photo source

On arrival at GVA, you will have completed the form that declares your destination address as being in France.
You will be directed to travel to that address and to do your best to observe safe protocols by wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance from other people.

The distance required will be difficult to observe in a shared transfer. Be mindful about this for your own safety but there is no issue with the Swiss regulations.

The most important criteria from the Swiss perspective is that you have no contact with Swiss nationals.

To comply with this ultimate objective of the Swiss regulations, do not engage any onward travel from a Swiss supplier.

Use Transferfix to order in advance, your travel to Chamonix. The service will be supplied by a resident of France.

You will not have close contact with any Swiss national.

At the land border, between Switzerland and France (Bardonnex) there are no controls. You will pass through in the same way that was pre-COVID.

Be smart, stay safe and don't be misled by sensationalised headlines in the news media and even the headlines on the GVA website and the official Swiss government website.

They are all misleading for anyone travelling to or from Chamonix, in France, via Geneva Airport.
It is unfortunate that the transit element of arrivals at GVA has not been directly addressed in any news item.
That omission has allowed misinformation to perpetrate.

The real directive that governs your stay in Chamonix is provided by the French government.
The regulations state that "You have to quarantine for 14 days if you cannot present a negative PCR test, carried out less than 72 hours before departure."
By departure, they mean departure from your usual place of residence.

Here is the reality. There are no controls at Bardonnex.

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