Haute-Savoie: The Chamoniarde issues an alert


After the total closure of all ski areas, ski resorts & touristic sites in the Chamonix valley, the PGHM of Chamonix announced that they would patrol the Mont-Blanc massif, to ensure that everyone complies to the newly imposed regulations.

After the PGHM, it is now time for the Chamoniarde to remind us that mountain activities are prohibited.

The Chamoniarde warns against mountain activities, photo source @facebook.com/chamoniarde
La Chamoniarde : the local mountain security association. Photo source: @https://montblanclive.com/radio

For more than 70 years, the Chamoniarde has been playing an essential role in keeping both residents and tourists of Chamonix safe.

To raise awareness of the importance of respecting the confinement rules in the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19, the Chamoniarde issued a press release on their Facebook page.

"Only short-term individual activities closed to home are tolerated. You will also need to have the duly completed certificate.

To get an idea in Chamonix Valley: No Plan de l’Aiguille anymore, No Vertical Kilometer, NO Floria, NO ski touring on Pierre à Ric or in Le Tour, NO Col de Voza, no climbing in Les Gaillands…

The time is no longer for prevention ...
The PGHM is there to enforce the rules. Checks will take place throughout the department: Mont-Blanc massif, Aravis, Chablais ... and in mountain huts.

The fine incurred is class 4, that is to say an amount of € 135, "which may be increased up to € 375" and is based on the application of the decree of March 17 "creating a contravention punishing the violation of measures intended to prevent and limit the consequences of serious health threats on the health of the population ”.

Mountain rescuers relay the message of the emergency doctors and recall that "every resource, every minute that will be devoted by the medical teams to a mountain rescue could jeopardize the management of the COVID-19 epidemic in progress, and ultimately, most likely at the expense of another patient. "

Let’s be a barrier to the virus. The time of this crisis depends on our individual behavior."

"Take care of yourself, your loved ones and prepare your mountain projects for next summer", concludes the Chamoniarde.

You can contact the Chamoniarde at info-ohm@chamoniarde.com.

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