In August, visit the Skyway Monte Bianco at sunset


In August (from 31 July to 28 August), visit the Skyway Monte Bianco at sunset!

To see and experience Mont Blanc in a different light, the soft and magical light of the night, where the distant twinkle of bright stars brings revelations that the day ignores.

Skyway Monte Bianco
Skyway Monte Bianco


How not to love the night?

They say that at night, in the mountains, there are three different silences. The silence of the peaks, the silence of the stars, the silence of the snow, and together they form a silence that does not exist anywhere else.

The Skyway Monte Bianco will be open, for the first time, until 7:30 p.m. from 31 July to 28 August 2021, to give you the experience of seeing the sun fall behind the highest peaks in Italy.

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