Top of Skyway, Italy: tourist fell into a crevasse


Last Saturday, on 13th October 2018, a young Italian, dressed in jeans, with leather shoes and no harness, fell 20 metres in a crevasse, in "Col de Toule" sector, from Skyway Monte Bianco summit.

SkyWay Monte Bianco, Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy
SkyWay Monte Bianco, Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy

The big Mont Blanc cable car, on the Italian side, opened in the summer of 2015. It reaches Point Helbronner, at an altitude of 3460 m. on the border with France.

This is another point of access to the high mountains and to "Vallée Blanche". It has 300 000 visitors per year. After this cable car opened, controversy appeared, because tourists who come to such height do not have any proper equipment, yet they adventure on Géant glacier, accessible on one level.

As this landing zone is situated on the French territory, the mayor of Chamonix has demanded the Italian operator to insist on communication with the public. He should warn about the dangers that incur from not wearing adequate gear, considering the height.


20 meters fall, dressed casually

A barrier with explicit and adapted signals had been installed by the cable car operator, "Funivie Monte Bianco" society, for not passing further (similar to the one situated at the arrival of "Aiguille du Midi", on the Chamonix side).

Still, this did not stop the Italian, who adventured on the mountain in jeans, leather shoes and without any harness. He fell 20 metres into a crevasse, in "Col de Toule" sector. He suffered multiple trauma. Rescued by PGHM, he was taken to Sallanches hospital. His life is out of danger.

Source @ Le Dauphiné

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