La Chamoniarde warns skiers against travelling to Vallée Blanche


On 5 February 2020, la Chamoniarde, a mountain prevention and rescue company in Chamonix, issued a warning to people who wish to ski the Vallée Blanche.

“The professionals report delicate and even dangerous conditions in Vallée Blanche", explained la Chamoniarde during a press release on 5 February.

The conditions have improved on 6 February. However, skiing the Vallée Blanche routes is generally recommended only for advanced skiers with extensive off-piste experience or intermediates under the guidance of a qualified high mountain guide.

Vallée Blance Overview
Vallee Blanche, from Helicopter. Photo © Jean-Charles Somville

The strong wind that blew over the Chamonix valley affected skiing in the Vallée Blanche.

On 5 February 2020, La Chamoniarde advised that even "harmless slopes can be very exposed" and recommended skiers to postpone their descent until conditions improve. 

"The rain, falling up to 2800 m, followed by a strong wind and a clear cooling completely vitrified the snow in places."

The next day, La Chamoniarde issued a new press release, declaring that the conditions have improved. However, caution is still required. “The night wind (added snow), the reopening of the Aiguille du Midi and the frequentation of skiers today show an improvement. On the Aiguille du Midi side: good skiability from the top of the route to the "passage of the seracs" where beware the snow becomes hard or even icy in certain places."

Le Dauphine

Please, be advised that the Vallée Blanche routes are only recommended for advanced skiers with extensive off-piste experience or intermediates under the guidance of a qualified high mountain guide. Still, avoiding Vallée Blanche on bad weather days is highly recommended.

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