Lac Blanc: access modified for this summer


The replacement of the Flégère cable car by a futuristic 10-seater gondola forced the ski & trail service to close certain access roads to Lac Blanc for safety reasons.

Lac Blanc with the refuge in the background. Photo source:

Usual trails to Lac Blanc will be closed for the summer of 2019

The replacement of the Flégère cable car constitutes very good news. As of the winter season of 2019/20, the new gondola will offer skiers more comfort and less waiting time. While the old cable car was transporting 450 people per hour, the new 10-seats gondola will be able to accommodate 2,000 people per hour.

On the other hand, the replacement works mean that certain trails to Lac Blanc will be closed, most precisely the most used ones.

Therefore, summer hikers will need to take less travelled routes, which might be longer and might require a greater physical effort. However, it will be worth it to take these routes to Lac Blanc, as they offer majestic views. 

Less used routes to explore this summer

  1. The most determined will be able to leave the Col des Montets. Behind the chalet of the nature reserve, a path climbs 400 meters to reach the plateau of Remuaz. Then, joining the Tête aux Vents crossing, it will be necessary to turn right, just before reaching the lake and the refuge, the walker will cross large rounded rocks. This scenic ride lasts around 5 hours.
  2. This new layout is also an opportunity to discover other equally splendid points of view where the Verte, the Drus and Mont Blanc are equally admirable. Visit lakes such as the Cheserys or why not change the slope by taking the path to Lac Bleu.
  3. Be careful though, all these hikes are of varying difficulty. It is necessary to learn about the routes but also about their typology, their length, etc. Thus, the path through the Chéserys has scales and we saw real traffic jams, caused in particular by overabundance and lack of habit on the part of some practitioners. 

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