Lac Blanc bathing prohibited by prefectural decree


Lake Blanc and its sparkling reflections sublimating the Mont-Blanc massif are among the most sought-after panoramas of Chamonix.

Thanks in particular to the lifts that make it possible to talk to Lac Blanc in only 1h30 mins. Consequently, its popular with over 1,500 visitors in a single peak season summer's day.

Bathing at Lac Blanc banned in summer 2023
Lac Blanc bathing prohibited by prefectural decree
Lac Blanc bathing prohibited by prefectural decree

One of the measures to protect this exceptional site is the prohibition of swimming. Not least because the nearby refuge directly pumps the translucent water from Lac Blanc into it's kitchen.

Preventing walkers dripping with sweat and perspiration from swimming in the lake was therefore a health necessity.

Since 27 June 2023, a prefectural decree has prohibited swimming at the Lac Blanc and the nearby Chéserys lakes from 1 July to 31 August 2023






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