Ludovic Mazimann found dead in the Mont-Blanc massif


Yesterday morning, the PGHM of Chamonix appealed to the help of the community to find Ludovic Mazimann

Unfortunately, the 40-years old professor from Grosmagny was found dead a few hours later.

View from the summit of Mont Blanc
Ludovic Mazimann suffered a 300 meters fatal fall in the Mont-Blanc massif, photo source

According to Le Dauphine, on Tuesday, the 23rd of July 2019, Ludovic Mazimann was found dead by the PGHM of Chamonix in the Mont-Blanc massif.

Ludovic Mazimann (40) was from Audincourt and was currently residing in Grosmagny, where he was a PA professor at Giromagny College.

While on holiday in Chamonix, Ludovic planned to conquer Mont-Blanc. It seems that he went hiking without proper equipment (hiking sneakers and anti-ice rubber soles).

Instead of crossing the Goûter corridor to ascend to the needle, he would have remained on the left side, on the Payot Ridge. A ridge that "is very little practised, which seems easy at first but is very steep at the end," says the commander of Chamonix, Espinasse.

Almost reached the summit, where the ridge becomes more technical and exposed, Ludovic Mazimann fell about 300 meters (984 ft), which caused his death.

The PGHM declared that the man has been dead since Wednesday, July 17th.

Read more details about Ludovic's disappearance here.

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