Everything you need to know about the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019


Summer is around the corner, which means that all running passionates are looking towards Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

From Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 June 2019, more than 10,000 runners are expected to participate in the 41st edition of the beloved Marathon du Mont-Blanc.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019. Photo source: @sportstoursinternational.fr
Marathon du Mont-Blanc. Photo source: @montblancmarathon.net
Mont Blanc Marathon & Cross du Mont Blanc

The Mont-Blanc Marathon

The Marathon du Mont-Blanc has an excellent worldwide reputation, based on its rich history.

The Marathon du Mont-Blanc is an annual event and it includes 8 races, which are run by more than 10,000 people from 80 different nationalities.

The marathon was initiated in 2003, which means that in 2019 the marathon will be run for the 17th time.

However, the race has a more substantial history than this, as the 23km du Mont-Blanc, which utilizes part of the same route as the marathon, has been run yearly since 1979.

In 2003, on the 25th edition of the 23 km du Mont-Blanc, which was known as the "Cross du Mont-Blanc", the Marathon du Mont-Blanc was added to the schedule. The other 6 races followed.

Volunteers are essential

The 41st edition of the Marathon du Mont-Blanc is organized by Chamonix Sports Club, an associative (non-profit) organization which relies on the help of volunteers.

From the 27th to the 30th of June 2019, Chamonix will vibrate under the rhythm of the races, with 40,000 people present to either join the races or root for the participants. 

Therefore, over 500 volunteers are needed to assure the smooth development of the event and the safety of the competitors, especially since the races often include difficult terrain as the trails go through the mountains.

Learn more about becoming a volunteer for the 41st edition of the Marathon du Mont-Blanc or contact Chamonix Sports Club at club@chamonixsport.com or via telephone at 04 50 53 11 57.

The Races

With 8 races, the Marathon du Mont-Blanc offers each runner the opportunity to choose the race best suited to their abilities and level of practice, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Chamonix valley.

Race Specifics Registration
90km du Mont-Blanc
  • 90km / 6220m D+ / 6220m D-
  • June 28th, 2019, starts at 4 am.
  • Recognized as one of the most technical races in France.
  • 24 hours maximum.
  • Hard race, good experience, autonomy and confidence are required to finish the race.

 > 450 ITRA points

42km du Mont-Blanc
  • 42km / 2730m D+ /1700m D-
  • June 30th, 2019, starts at 7 am.
  • ITRA points: 2.
  • 9h 30m maximum.
  • 3 full and 2 light refreshments points.
  • Download the race map.
> 350 ITRA points.
23km du Mont-Blanc
  • 23km / 1665m D+ / 621m D-
  • June 29th, 2019, starts at 8 am.
  • ITRA point: 1.
  • A short trail in semi-autonomy.
  • 6 hours maximum.
  • 2 full refreshments points.
> 280 ITRA points.
KM Vertical
  • 3,8km / 1000m D+
  • June 28th, 2019, starts at 4 pm.
  • Alpine race, not recommended in case of vertigo.
  • Sticks are banned because of the technical nature of the finish.
  • One refreshment point at the finish line.


 No ITRA points required.

38 euros until 24.06.2019

10km du Mont-Blanc
  • 10km / 325m D+ / 325m D-
  • June 29th, 2019, start at 1 pm.
  • Initiation trail, allowing newcomers to get started into trail running.
  • One refreshment point at the finish.

No ITRA points required.

25 euros until 24.06.2019

Mont Blanc Mini Cross
  • Children's races
  • 800 m (7 - 9 years old), 2 km (10-11 years old) and 3 km (12-15 years old).
  • June 29th, 2019, start at 9.30 am.
  • Free registration.

No ITRA points required.

Free registration until 


Duo étoilé
  • Night Race by teams of two.
  • 20 km with an elevation gain of 1430m.
  • June 29th, 2019, starts at 8 pm.
  • This is a difficult race, different weather equipment is recommended.
Young Race Marathon
  • A 15 km run reserved for the younger categories, on the Marathon du Mont Blanc.
  • June 30th, 2019, starts at 10 am.
  • For Juniors - 18 and 19 years old - and Hopes - 20 to 22 years old.
  • 1 full and 1 light refreshment.

No ITRA points required.

35 euros until 24.06.2019

Register here.

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