Météo France Chamonix Station not to be closed


 Threatened with closure, the Météo France stations in Chamonix and Bourg-Saint-Maurice seem saved, at least for the moment.

The new president, Virginie Schwartz, might even consider future investments, writes Le Dauphine.

Meteo France: The office in Chamonix.
Meteo France

"The mountain centres of Chamonix and Bourg-Saint-Maurice were created during significant episodes, as the great avalanches of Val d'Isère in 1970. These centres have real expertise and an acute perception of the local stakes," explained Serge Taboulot, head of the meteorological centre of the Northern Alps of Meteo France.

The two stations had been threatened with closure for a long time now. If they were to disappear,  the weather forecast and the avalanche risk services for the Northern Alps would have been provided by the centre of Grenoble.

For many months, local officials at all levels had mobilized to save the two stations.

Moreover, In February 2018, the staff of Meteo France went on strike for four days to protest against the closure of the two stations.

According to Radio Mont-Blanc, the two stations are to stay open for at least one more year.

A period of one year that will allow the inventory and identify the issues. New President Virginie Schwartz would even think about new investments.

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