Mont-Blanc events: Combats de reines


The traditional Battle of the Queens will take place on Sunday, on the 22nd of September 2019, in the village of Tour, in the Chamonix valley.

The Combat des Reines is a major event for the local farming community, bringing crowds of locals and visitors together to see a display which is traditional from this region.

Combats des Reines, photo source
Combats de Reines poster, photo source

When the herds are brought to the summer pastures in spring, they engage in fights that continue during their whole stay in the meadow.

The Combat des Reines was born out of this peculiarity and became a longtime tradition of the Chamonix valley.

However, cow-fighting is very different from bull-fighting, as the cows’ horns are all checked before combat to ensure that they cannot inflict injury on another animal, injuries are rare and there is no bloodshed.

In the Combat des Reines in Chamonix valley, the cows are divided into categories according to their age and weight and they fight instinctively in the arena.

Cows who flee their rival or lose their fight are eliminated.

The fightings will take place under the careful supervision of cowherds who will ensure the well-being of the animals.

 During the afternoon, the strongest cow in each category is finally elected "queen".

When? Sunday, the 22nd of September 2019, from 9 am. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 4.30 pm.

Where? Le Tour, Chamonix valley.

Free. Breakfast and snacks on site. 

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