Mont-Blanc Massif: Fatal Fall for German Mountaineer


On 29 June 2020, in the afternoon, a 22-year-old German mountaineer was practising in the Drus sector in the Chamonix valley when he unscrewed and fell more than 100 m (328 ft).

Unfortunately, the young man lost his life.

On 29 June 2020, a German mountaineer fell over 100 m and lost his life, in the Mont-Blanc massif. photo source
Charpoua Refuge, Mont Blanc Massif

The PGHM of Chamonix received the alert at around 5.50 pm, on 29 June.

A German mountaineer who left to do the Drus in the Mont-Blanc massif unscrewed and fell more than 100 meters (328 ft).

Unfortunately, the victim died and his body was recovered under the old Charpoua scales.

A second mountaineer, also of German origin, was taken care of by the rescuers. The two men were evolving together but "were not roped up", according to the PGHM of Chamonix.

Source @FranceBleu

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