Mont-Blanc massif: mountaineer falls 10 meters


On 8 October 2019, a mountaineer was rescued by the PGHM of Chamonix.

According to Le Dauphine, the man slipped on firn and fell. Firn is crystalline or granular snow, especially on the upper part of a glacier, where it has not yet been compressed into ice.

After slipping, the man fell 10 m (32,8 ft) in the couloir des Papillons, located in the Mont-Blanc massif.

He was evacuated to the Sallanches hospital by the PGHM of Chamonix.

Fortunately, he did not suffer any important injury.

The PGHM of Chamonix, photo source

The PGHM of Chamonix, photo source

Mountain Rescue Team PGHM Chamonix helicopter

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