Mont-Blanc: The Soul Flyers completed the longest wingsuit flight


New and exceptional performance for the French extreme sports team, Les Soul Flyers!

The trio made up of Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte and Aurélien Chatard, achieved the longest wingsuit flight in history: They flew 7.5 km long above Mont-Blanc in 3 minutes from 5 seconds, flying over glaciers, ice cracks and cliffs.

The Soul Flyers flew 7.5 km long over Mont Blanc in 3 minutes of 5 seconds, flying over glaciers and crevasses.
The Soul Flyers Logo. photo source:


*WiSBASE: Wingsuit Base Jumping is the sport of wingsuit flying. WiSBASE technique is proximity flying, which is flying close to the faces and ridges of mountains.

The Soul Flyers first jumped from a helicopter above Mont-Blanc and started the flight at the summit, followed by the longest terrain flying wingsuit line in the history.

From the summit to the opening of the parachute is 3650m altitude difference.

Check out the full flight on YouTube

"It was magic, to pass so close to the summit with speed, and then the trajectory, the first two minutes of flight are above the snow and the glaciers... It's an absolutely extraordinary thing, in crazy decor," said Frédéric Fugen of the Soul Flyers.

The importance of communication between pilots

The Frenchman also points out the importance of perfect communication between the pilots, ensuring synchronization and coordination essential to fly so close to each other, possible thanks to one essential piece equipment: the radio system. “

"This is also what we wanted to highlight on this video" said the wingsuit pilot Frédéric. "We could not have such precise trajectories on such long flights if we could not give ourselves precise indications like here. Communication has really brought a big evolution in our sport, as for airplane pilots."



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