Musilac Mont-Blanc: the aftermath of the event and plans for 2020


The second edition of Musilac Mont-Blanc has ended a few days ago and the organizers have analyzed the outcomes.

Although the second edition of the appealing Chamonix music festival has not reached the desired attendance, the organization of Musilac Mont-Blanc is already preparing for the 3rd edition in 2020.

Musilac Mont Blanc, source
Musilac Mont Blanc

Musilac Mont-Blanc 2019 balance sheet

"We are a little behind the attendance," says Nicolas Durochat, director of the intercommunal tourist office of the Chamonix Valley. 

Nicolas Durochat explained for Le Dauphine that the unfavorable weather was the culprit of insufficient sales outcome.

Precisely, the bad weather - described by Nicolas Durochat as "wind and rain that turned the field into a mud field" - was responsible for a significant decrease in the sold last-minute tickets.

Frédéric Charpail, CEO of Morgane Events, the company which will organize Musilac Mont-Blanc next year*, confirms it. 

Nevertheless, he said the unfortunate weather is not the only reason why Musilac Mont-Blanc did not reach its full potential in 2019.

According to him, there were also flaws in the programming of this year's edition of Musilac Mont-Blanc. 

Primarily, he believes that the line-up should have been more international and Nicolas Durochat agrees. 

"The goal would be to bring back headliners that would attract an audience from here but also from elsewhere", declared Nicholas Durochat.  

"In the minds of people, Chamonix is ​​far away so you have to motivate people", concludes the director of the tourist office of the Chamonix valley.

* In December 2018, the town hall of Chamonix issued an offering for the takeover of Musilac Mont-Blanc, which was won by Morgane Events.

Third edition of Musilac Mont-Blanc in April, 2020

The third edition of Musilac Mont-Blanc in Chamonix is scheduled for April, 2020.

There are no exact dates, but both Frédéric Charpail and Nicolas Durochat want to return to the Thursday-Friday-Saturday format, as it was in 2018.

They believe that having a music festival on Sunday evening is a "timing error". 

They believe that the festival has great potential, so they will work on the planning of the event and will correct the flaws on this year's edition.

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