Musilac Mont-Blanc: will the festival have a new name as of next year's edition?


Last December, the town hall of Chamonix issued an offering for the takeover of the Musilac Mont-Blanc.

Morgane Events won, which means that the festival might change names for the 2020 edition.

Musilac Mont Blanc
Musilac Mont Blanc, source
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As of next year, Morgane Events will be the organizers of Musilac Mont-Blanc.

Morgane Events are the organizers of the Francofolies de Tignes, a free festival which has reached its 4th edition this year. 

The Francofolies de Tignes festival is happening right now. It has started yesterday, on the 16th and it will last until tomorrow included, the 18th of April.

"The handover between RPO (organizer of Musilac) and us was made in March", says Frédéric Charpail, the general manager of the Morgane Events, for Le Dauphine.

According to him, the takeover from RPO (the organizers of Musilac) was through in March, which means this year's edition is a special one.

RPO had already prepared the line-up and took care of the sales, while Morgane Events was left to take care of the rest.

Morgane Events will be responsible for organizing the festival for the next two editions, with the option to extend for one more year.

Now that RPO will no longer be the organizer of the festival, will it still be called Musilac?

"For the 2019 edition, we remain on Musilac", says Frédéric Charpail.

He adds that for the next year, they would need to reach an agreement with RPO, as they are the owners of the "Musilac" name.

Can the Francofolies de Tignes be linked to Musilac?

Frédéric Charpail says it is can be an option, but he does not believe it is attainable.

First of all, there is the physical distance between Tignes and Chamonix (around 150 km or 93 miles).

Secondly, the Francofolies de Tignes is a free festival while Musilac is not, which means that the two festivals attract different audiences.

All in all, both the Francofolies de Tignes and Musilac Mont-Blanc are proofs that music and the mountain go well together.

Le Dauphine

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