A new record for Kilian Jornet in Norway


Tuesday 23 November 2021, Kilian Jornet has just achieved the best time ever recorded on running a vertical kilometer, 1000 m of elevation gain.

Watch this short 4 minute video from Salomon TV.

In what time can Kilian Jornet run a Vertical Kilometer? 

“For me a VK is all about pure performance. It's not about technique or about the strategy, it's just how much the engine can work. It's only that, how strong you are. ”says Kilian Jornet in the video.

Kilian Jornet. Photo source: https://itra.run
Kilian Jornet. Photo source: Salomon TV

28'48'04 the record time for Kilian Jornet

We can see in the video of his sponsor Salomon that the Spanish ultra trail runner clocked 28 minutes, 48 ​​seconds and 04 hundredths to run the 1000 meters of elevation gain in Vengeting, Norway.

Kilian's performance is unofficial since the attempt was not made in a homologated and timed race. The official world record is held by Philip Götsch in 28 min and 53 seconds, time achieved in 2017.

It is estimated that since his debut, Kilian Jornet, nicknamed "the alien of the trail", has broken nearly thirty records. Among his most remarkable records, we remember: