Striker Peter Hrehorcak returns to Chamonix


After striker Mattias Terrier (Bordeaux, Ligue Magnus), the Pioneers of Chamonix are welcoming back striker Peter Hrehorcak.

The Slovak player returns to Chamonix for the third time.

The Pioneers of Chamonix. Photo source:

Peter Hrehorcak (25) started playing a part of his minor hockey with the Haute-Savoie club, while his father played at the club, before leaving for Poprad, the club of his hometown, and to return in 2016-17.

Hrehorcak played for two years in Nice (Ligue Magnus) and, a big advantage for the Pioneers of Chamonix, he will be considered JFL (Player Trained Locally) since he did part of his training in France.

Le Dauphine

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