Three weeks of festival "Remballe [sa] haine" in Chamonix


Exciting news for visitors in Chamonix this month: The "Remballe [sa] haine" festival (literal translation: "Pack up your hate") is celebrating its 6th edition with a record number of partners and a program packed like never before.

However, behind the three weeks filled with inspiring activities, hides a reality far from being pleasant.

Remballe ta Haine festival, 6th edition poster
Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture

The three weeks festival which is organized by MJC is aimed at raising awareness and aid in the fight against everything that fuels hate.

Discrimination, hatred, judgments are unfortunately still very present nowadays. Aurore Deroubaix, communication officer at the MJC says that they would like everyone to be concerned: "The festival aims at empowering the population to fight against situations which they sometimes cannot control."

With its 6th edition happening this year, the festival is constantly growing,  which inevitably created links with different partners: associative, such as Petite Université ou le Secours populaire, institutional, such as the city's school, and even economical. "We will even have the presence of the Farm for all (associative farm located in Lépigny, Domancy, NDLR) to bring people together", Aurore Deroubaix smiles.

Strong support from the local community and not only allows MJC to work relentlessly to create three unique weeks with concerts, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, documentaries, theatre, dance, and many others.

"Differences are our wealth. We would like everyone to be concerned.", says Aurore Deroubaix, who hopes all tickets will be sold out.

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