Spectacular rescue by PGHM in Chamonix - video gone viral


They risk their lives daily to save us but seldom do they get recognition for their deeds.

However, every once in a while their brave and ingenious actions get caught on camera and receive the credit they deserve for their spectacular rescue missions.

This is the case with lieutenant Jean-François Martin, member of the PGHM in Chamonix.


Mountain Rescue Team PGHM Chamonix helicopter
Mountain Rescue Team PGHM Chamonix helicopter
Mountain Rescue Team PGHM Chamonix helicopter
Mountain Rescue Team PGHM Chamonix helicopter

Lieutenant Jean-François Martin was filmed on the 2nd of January while rescuing a knee injured hiker and the video has raised some strong reactions in many internet users, who called his work "mastery" or "great art".

Regardless, lieutenant Jean-François Martin remained humble and almost ashamed of all the attention: "This manoeuvre is called skate support, this is nothing extraordinary", he says.

Skilled lieutenant Jean-François Martin (46) has behind him 23 years of service, over 5000 hours of flight and has been working with the PGHM in Chamonix for 6 years.

On duty on the 2nd of January 2019, The member of the gendarmerie conducted the spectacular rescue mission at 2200 m altitude. To recover a knee injured hiker, Jean-François Martin carried the "skate support" manoeuvre, which requires the nose of the helicopter to get stuck on the snowy slope. "This manoeuvre is taught to all pilots who pass the mountain qualification. It allows to disembark and embark the staff very quickly", stated Jean-François Martin.

While he and the whole PGHM in Chamonix might think there is "nothing out of the ordinary" in terms of their rescue missions, there are many people whose lives had been saved by the PGHM throughout the time.

Le dauphine

With over 60 years of history, the PGHM has conducted many spectacular rescue missions over the time.

Watch the video of the rescue mission done by lieutenant Jean-François Martin on the 2nd of January 2019.