The Uncrowned King of Mont-Blanc


Vertebrate Publishing has recently published The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc, The life of T. Graham Brown, physiologist and mountaineers.

The book, written by Peter Foster, represents the biography of scientist and mountaineer Thomas Graham Brown, whose achievements in the Alps and Greater Ranges position him as one of the best British mountaineers between the two wars.

The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc book published by Vertebrate Publishing, photo source

After publishing the English translation of the French classical book First on the RopeVertebrate Publishing, an award-winning independent publisher of outdoor books, has now the pleasure to announce the publishing of another great book - The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc.

The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc focuses on the life of Thomas Graham Brown, a famous physician and alpinist, who made numerous first ascents on Mont-Blanc.

Born in Edinburgh in 1882, Graham Brown became a physiologist and his research, although unrecognized at the time, became pivotal to the understanding of the nervous control of movements in animals and humans.

His mountaineering career began after the First World War when he started rock climbing in the Lake District. In 1927, he met Frank Smythe, and the two of them made the groundbreaking first ascents of the Sentinelle Rouge and the Route Major on the Brenva Face of Mont Blanc.

These innovative expeditions led to an obsession with the mountain and to further ascents on Mount Foraker, Nanda Devi, Masherbrum and, more frequently, in the Alps.

Thomas Graham Brown led a tumultuous and intense life, full of accomplishments and controversies.

Peter Foster has researched diaries, letters and extensive archival research that illustrate the highs and lows of Graham Brown's both scientific and climbing careers. 

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