Tour du Mont-Blanc on E-bikes in just one day


On 11 October 2019, Mike Wittorski and his friend, Xavier Corin, did the Tour du Mont-Blanc on E-bikes.

A rather remarkable accomplishment, considering that it was done in just one day!

Probably a record, especially since there are not many electric bikes fans to have embarked on the Tour du Mont-Blanc.

Mike Wittorski and Xavier Corin did the Tour du Mont-Blanc on E-bikes in just one day! photo source

"Last year we did it in three days," says Mike Wittorski, who works at the Sanglard VTT Electrique, in Chamonix.

Doing the Tour du Mont-Blanc on E-bikes in just one day requires a lot of batteries, so Mike and Xavier organized to have an audience who will drop the batteries at strategic points. 

The two electric mountain bikes needed a total of 12 batteries to cross the 187 kilometres (116 mi) and 7,400 meters (24,278 ft) of cumulative elevation gain.

"A challenge at the end of the season", it is how the two friends describe their adventure. A challenge that took them 20 hours, with an average speed of about 10 km/h (6.21 mph).

And what about the future? "Why not go faster?", Mike Wittorski asks enthusiastically. "Or better yet, I'm already researching other routes", continues Mike. He said he would like to try Zermatt-Chamonix (146 km or 90 mi), Chamonix-Nice (457 km or 284 mi) or Chamonix-Briançon (215 km or 133 mi).

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