Une Belle histoire: The new series of France 2 shot in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


This past week, the cast and crew of “Une Belle Histoire” (literally A beautiful history/ story) were shooting in Chamonix some scenes of this new series created by France 2.

“Une Belle Histoire” begins in Chamonix and besides the amazing shots of the mountains, the crew also used Chamonix residents for the staging, costumes and liners.

The beginning of “Une Belle Histoire” - the new series of France 2 - was shot in Chamonix. The crew used Chamonix residents for staging.

“Une Belle Histoire” tells the stories of three couples who are in the pursuit of happiness and balance when they cross paths.

What must be sacrificed to make a successful marriage? This is the question that the new France 2 series is focused on.

The shooting of this new series began at the foot of Mont-Blanc, ranging from the cliffs of Les Gaillands to the rock of Brévent.

The crew used local staff for staging, the costumes and the liners. 

A total of 40 people worked on the shootings for ’“Une Belle Histoire” this week in Chamonix.

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