The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® goes green


One of the most prestigious trail-running events in the whole world, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, is going green!

For its 17th edition, the UTMB® will try implementing something new, in order to become more eco-friendly.

Precisely, the supplies provided by the WWF Contamines-Montjoie during the races of the UTMB® 2019 will be eco-friendly.

"It's really an experiment," says Mael Besson, WWF's sports manager.

The Ultra-Trail of Mont-Blanc (UTMB®)
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If well-received, this experiment might become the norm for the future editions of the UTMB®.

The projects aims at "reconciling the environmental requirements with those of a sporty diet", says the sports manager.

Organic and local

Environmentally friendly means that the products will be organic and, when possible, local. However, this idea poses some challenges, the main one being the cultural differences.

When we think about trail-running, we can see the runners gulping down pieces of oranges and bananas. However, these fruits do not grow in the Mont-Blanc region, so they will have to be imported from Spain.

As for cakes, gingerbread, dried fruits, and others, they will be provided in bulk, so the individual packages will be removed. Moreover, the supply is guaranteed zero-plastic!

 Runners are also required to bring their own utensils and the liquids will be served via fountains!

The psychology of eating

And when we think about food, the nutritional aspect and the impacts on the environment that said food has are the first aspects to come to mind. But there is a third one, of equal importance: the psychological side.

"This kind of race is done mostly through a strong mind. So there must be a real aspect of comfort, pleasure ", notes Maël Besson.

Therefore, in order for this experiment to be implemented during future editions of the UTMB®, it is necessary that the food appeals to the contestants.

The UTMB® is committed to becoming eco-friendly

The Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB®) has committed to its 2019 edition to meet 15 eco-friendly commitments under the leadership of the NGO WWF

According to Mael Besson, these products will be in the same range as other supplies. Which is ideal, as the goal is that this year's supplies will become standard, and not be an exception.

Moreover, the UTMB® has also modernized their transport plan for the 2019 edition, with the purpose of both accommodating the participants and protecting the Chamonix valley. 

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