UTMB® 2019: the poster is revealed and it sends out a strong message


It might still be winter, but it takes months of preparation for one of the most expected sports competition worldwide to be as successful as it is.

The organisers of the UTMB® have now revealed the poster for this year's event.

The idea behind this year's poster is innovative and illustrates every type of character that is part of the famous trail-running event.

UTMB® poster, created by Matthieu Forichon, found on @utmbmontblanc.com
UTMB® finish line

The poster was designed by French illustrator Matthieu Forichon, who became popular after producing the "Des Bosses et Des Bulles", which are cartoons about the trail-running event.

The poster was revealed on Tuesday morning, the 5th of February 2019, during a meeting held by the organisers and representatives of the 18 municipalities of the three countries crossed by the famous trail-running event.

This year's poster is meaningful and conveys a powerful message: there are a few essential factors that have been making the UTMB® a unique and marvellous experience for the past 16 years.

Firstly, there is indubitably the splendour of Mont-Blanc and its beautiful landscapes, which cover the UTMB® with a touch of magic.

Secondly, there is the attractiveness of endurance sports, which builds character and brings people together.

And then, probably the most important factor: the people.

A former engineer, a self-taught illustrator, an experienced runner, Matthieu Forichon worked on the poster for a month and combined all the key factors which lead to a successful trail-running event.

The human element is emphasized in the poster. Matthieu Forichon aimed at capturing all the beautiful moments and the majestic adventures shared throughout the competition.

The result was a multi-level poster which allows for several degrees of reading.

The energizing start line, the sublime solitude of running during night time, the hardships of trail-running the mighty Mont-Blanc, the tears, the screams, the sweat, the laughs...

The friendships formed during the event, the productive rivalries - everything that unifies people of all ages, coming from all four corners of the Earth, sharing a passion for sports, clear air and beautiful landscapes.

Even more, the organizers acknowledge that runners are not the only indispensable people for the UTMB®.

The spectators, the volunteers, the organizers themselves are pictured in the poster.

The poster contains many different scenarios found during the UTMB®, all of which convey the same message: the UTMB® is a sports competition which brings one closer to nature, other people and, ultimately, to oneself.

The organizers announced they will raise a contest this spring for the 2020 poster so that another artist gets the chance to express themselves.