UTMB® Results 2019


The 17th edition of the most expected trail-running event in the whole world took place from August 26th to September 1st, 2019.

This year the winner of the UTMB is the Spaniard Pau Capell (20h19'07''). The Spaniard finished the race in the second-fastest time ever.

The French Xavier Thevenard, who has previously won the UTMB three times, came second, with a time of 21h07'56''.

In the women category, the American Courtney Dauwalter remains queen of the ultra-marathons, with a time of 24h34'26''.

Pau Capell finished the race in the second-fastest time ever. photo source @ledauphine.com
Xavier Thvenard, three times winner of the UTMB, came second this year. photo source @ledauphine.com
Scott Hawker crossing the finished line with his daughter. photo source @ledauphine.com
The American Courtney Dauwalter came first in the women category. photo source @ledauphine.com
Cesar Costa is the winner of MCC, photo source @lenouvelliste.ch
Ruth Croft won the OCC race both in 2019 and 2018. photo source @instagram.com/jsaragossa
The first three finalists of the TDS, photo source @facebook.com

This year the winner of the UTMB is the Spaniard Pau Capell (20h19'07''). The Spaniard finished the race in the second-fastest time ever.

The second place was won by Xavier Thévenard (21h07'56'') and represents the seventh podium place in nine years for the French athlete.

Scott Hawker, who finished third (21h07'56'') crossed the finished line with his daughter.


UTMB® [Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®]

Race Leaders - Men:

1. Paul Cappel - 20h19'07''

2. Xavier Thevenard - 21h07'56''

3. Scott Hawker - 21h48'04''

4. Tom Owens - 22h04'29''

5. Andrew Symonds - 22h35'15''

Race Leaders  - Women:

1. Courtney Dauwalter - 24h34'26''

2. Kristin Berglund - 25h34'12''

3. Maite Maiora Elizondo - 25h41'30''

4. Ekaterina Mityaeva - 25h'53'26''

5. Beth Pascall - 26h26'48''

CCC® [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix]

Race Leaders - Men:

1. Luis Alberto Hernando Alzaga - 10h28'49''

2. Thibaut Garrivier - 10h39'01''

3. Jiří ČÍPA - 10h45'37''

4. Ivan Camps - 11h01'14''

5. Jiasheng Shen - 11h12'01''

Race Leaders - Women:

1. Ragna Debats - 12h10'33''

2. Amanda Basham - 12h27'06''

3. Camille Bruyas - 12h34'26''

4. Stephanie Howe Violett - 12h56'16''

5. Maryline Nakache - 12h57'25''

OCC® [Orsières-Champex-Chamonix]

Race Leaders - Men:

1. Stian Angermund-Vik - 05h19'24''

2. Andreu Simon Aymerich - 05h20'46''

3. Tao Luo - 05h25'24''

Race Leaders  - Women:

1. Ruth Charlotte Croft - 05h50'14''

2. Azara Garcia de los Salmones - 06h08'04''

3. Yuri Yoshizumi - 06h16'31''

TDS® [sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie]

Race Leaders - Men:

1. Pablo Villa González - 18h03'06''

2. Dmitry Mityaev - 18h16'16''

3. Ludovic Pommeret - 18h37'13''

Race Leaders - Women:

1. Audrey Tanguy - 21h36'15''

2. Hillary Allen - 21h52'46''

3. Kathrin Götz - 23h46'37''

MCC® [Martigny-Combe à Chamonix]

Race Leaders - Men:

1. Cesar Costa - 03h40'46''

2. Guillaume Adam - 03h51'49''

3. Pau Zamora Perez - 03h53'27''

Race Leaders - Women:

1. Laure Desmurs - 04h41'25''

2. Paulina Wywloka - 04h42'01''

3. Cecilia Flori - 04h47'36''

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