What to do in Chamonix this month of June 2021


Attention: Updated 28 May 2021

At this time, even if it is spring on the bottom of the valley, it is still winter in high mountain! Indeed, there is a lot of snow above 1700 m on the north side and 1900 m on the south side. Not snowfields, but meters of snow! The proof is that we still practice ski touring.

This article was written by La Chamoniarde, Mountain Rescue Organization in Chamonix.

Randonnée à Chamonix Mont Blanc
Randonnée à Chamonix Mont Blanc



The possibilities for hiking are therefore limited. Most of the classic routes, and in particular the most popular ones, are absolutely impracticable: big sightseeing walks, high-altitude lakes, etc.

All the mountain huts of the Chamonix valley are closed (and inaccessible for the moment).

Rest assured, you can still enjoy our beautiful valley and its landscapes. It will just be necessary to remain "modest" in your choice of route hikes. The trails are often greasy and slippery: be careful! You will surely have to cross snowy passages, which will not pose a problem if you have the "mountain foot" and if you are properly equipped (good shoes and poles).

The temperatures can be cool in the mountains and the feeling of cold is reinforced in the presence of wind. Make sure you are well equipped (warm clothes, windproof jacket., gloves, hats, sunglasses, etc.)

Here are some ideas:

Join short sightseeing walks

  • The small balconies are low difficulty trails/paths that run along the Chamonix valley at an altitude of 1200/1300 m (in the forest). Access is numerous, easy and possible from many places in the valley. They remain pleasant even in the event of bad weather under the vegetation cover.
  • The small south balcony runs along the valley from Chamonix to Argentière.
  • The small north balcony from Chamonix to Argentière.

Join the food/drink stands at the bottom of the Chamonix valley

The creameries and refreshment stands in the valley are easy to reach and suited for families, especially during this time of the year: Cerro Chalet, Dard waterfall, La Floria, Bérard waterfall ... The refreshment stands of Mottets, Floria and Cerro are open in weekends. Check directly with the managers of the stands for openings during the week.

The Pyramides chalet is not accessible due to the snow. Access to the Chapeau refreshment stand is prohibited due to construction work.

Visit the Merlet Animal Park

Discover the green lake, located at the foot of the Fiz and facing the Mont Blanc Massif: from Mont à Servoz (1 hour) or from Plaine Joux (15 minutes). Possibility of making a loop to the Ayères chalets (1 hour of additional climb).

All the other lakes (Lac Blanc, Lac des Chéserys, Lac du Brévent, Lac Cornu, Lac Bleu) are not accessible at all during this period!

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc Massif

  • Chalets of Charousse from Les Chavants (1 hour and 30mins of ascent)
  • Chalets of Chailloux from la Flatière (1 hour and 45mins of ascent)
  • Plan des Chablettes from Chamonix (1hour and 30 mins of ascent)
  • La Flégère from Les Praz de Chamonix (2 hours and 30 mins of ascent)
  • Chalets of Loriaz from Le Couteray or Le Buet in Vallorcine (2 hours and 30 mins of ascent)

Come near the Glaciers

  • The Bossons glacier: the Chalet du Glacier of the Bossons (1 hour of ascent) from Les Bossons
  • La Mer de Glace: Mottets refreshment stand starting from the Chalet les Bois (1 hour and 45min of ascent)

Recharge your batteries in the High Mountain Pastures

  • The Blaitière pastures : from Chamonix (1 hour and 45mins of ascent)
  • The Charousse Alpine pasture : from Les Houches (1hour and 30mins of ascent)
  • The Loriaz Alpine pasture: from the village of Buet (2 hours and 30mins of ascent)
  • The Chailloux Alpine pasture from la Flatière (1hour and 45mins of ascent)

It is possible to seek advice from a mountain guide (check directly with the Chamonix's Mountain Guides).

Other activites

Visit of the Aiguille du Midi

Immerse yourself in the high mountain world and enjoy a breathtaking view from the 3842m top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car (€67 round trip).

View of the Mer de Glace

The Montenvers train will resume service from Saturday 29 May. The opening of the Ice Cave is announced for June 5th.

Climbing and Via Ferrata

Climbing on the school cliffs at the bottom of the valley: Servoz, Gaillands, Vallorcine.
On the other hand, it is still too early for sectors located higher up such as Chéserys (resurgence, overhanging snowfields).

Possibility of making the via Corda Alpina a route equipped with 600 m of vertical drop that goes up the rock of Mottets. Climbing consists of a succession of jumps not exceeding 3c.

Via Ferrata de Curala, located above the Assy plateau (45 minutes by car from Chamonix)

More info available on the site www.passy-mont-blanc.com/en/

For non-autonomous people, it is possible to be supervised by a mountain guide or a climbing instructor (check directly with the Chamonix Guides' Company).

Mountain biking

Possibility of crossing some trails by mountain bike, in particular those at the bottom of the Chamonix valley. Fore more info on trails, check the website www.chamonix.net


Try a Tandem Paragliding Flight, either from Plan Praz or from the Plan de l'Aiguille. Fore more info on Tandem Flights, check the website www.chamonix.net

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