Haute-Savoie: a woman's body was found in the Chedde waterfall, in Passy


On Tuesday, the 30th of July 2019, a body was found in the waterfall of Chedde, near Passy.

The victim was identified and her body was recovered by the helicopter of the PGHM of Chamonix.

Chedde Waterfall, near Passy, photo sourse @savoie-mont-blanc.com
Chedde Waterfall, near Passy, photo source @wikimedia.org

According to Le Dauphine, on Tuesday, the 30th of July 2019, a woman's body was extracted from the Chedde waterfall, near Passy.

The body was discovered in the water, at 10 am by visitors, who alerted the Sallanches gendarmes.

The gendarmes waited for the PGHM of Chamonix to evacuate & identify the body.

The body was recovered by helicopter by the Sallanches gendarmes and the PGHM of Chamonix, who proceeded to identify the woman.

The woman, who was in her fifties, had a history of psychological issues.

An investigation was opened by the Passy Brigade, but so far there is no evidence suggesting that someone attacked the woman.

The preliminary investigation indicates suicide.

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