Airport Transfers between Geneva and Taconnaz

A transfer from Geneva Airport to Taconnaz has never been easier!

Using the Booking platform on this page that is powered by TransferFix, you can easily and quickly compare shared and private hire transfer services between Taconnaz and the airport.

The TransferFix comparison service displays real-time availability and prices for shared transfers between Geneva Airport and Taconnaz. Also, private hire transfers can be booked on the TransferFix platform. More details about all the airports are provided below.

Geneva Airport route and between other airports in France that include, Lyon Airport (LYS), Chambery Airport (CMF) and Grenoble Airport (GNB) and in Italy, such as Milan Airport (MXP) and Turin Airport (TRN). 

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Journey Times & Distances from Airports to Taconnaz

From Taconnaz to: Approximate duration*: Approximate distance (km): Approximate distance (mi):


1h 10m

96 km

 59 mi

Bellegarde Train Station

1h 20m

112 km

 70 mi

Geneva Aiport (GVA)

1h 10m

96 km

 59 mi

Geneva Centre


77 km 

48 mi

Chambéry Airport (CMF)

1h 30m

140 km 

87 mi

Grenoble Aiport (GNB)

2h 15m

219 km

136 mi

Lyon Airport (LYS)

2h 10m

216 km

 134 mi

Milan Airport (MXP)

2h 30m

236 km

 146 mi

Turin Aiport (TRN)


174 km

108 mi

* The journey times may vary according to traffic, weather conditions & other factors.

How does a Shared Transfer work?

Shared Transfers from Geneva Airport to Taconnaz

Shared transfers are excellent options for those who travel on a tight budget, want to save money or simply want to enjoy the wonders of the world without leaving a high carbon footprint.

By choosing a seat in a shared vehicle you save money and leave a lower carbon trail. Using a shared transfer reduces the total traffic emissions of climate and air pollutants.

You will be taken from the airport arrivals and dropped off right at your chosen hotel or chalet, so you will not have to worry about taking a taxi or a bus when arriving in Taconnaz. You will be sharing the vehicle with other people who will be dropped off at different locations in Taconnaz. When leaving Taconnaz, your driver will pick you up from your accommodation and drop you off at the airport departures.

On Arrival at Geneva Airport

The Journey from Geneva Airport to Taconnaz

When travelling to Taconnaz, passengers might be dropped off in other resorts, such as Les Houches. This tends to happen more when demand is low. Each drop-off does cause a delay, and if you are the last person in the vehicle to be delivered to your accommodation, or other chosen destination in the resort, there might have been a delay of 15-20 minutes, in a worst-case scenario. 

The Journey from Taconnaz to Geneva Airport

The transfer company will always notify you of the pick-up time from your accommodation or other agreed location in the resort. Be in that place at the appointed time. If you are not there, the driver will not wait, as to do so, other passengers might be compromised by your no-show.

As the pick-ups in Taconnaz are usually close to one another, you will soon leave the resort and head to Geneva Airport. On the way to the Geneva Airport, the driver might stop to pick up other passengers. Each stop causes a delay, but the maximum delay should not be more than 15-20 minutes, worst-case scenario.

What happens if my flight is delayed or there is a Major Disruption?

Private transfers to and from Taconnaz

On this page, using the booking platform powered by TransferFix, you can book a private transfer between Geneva Airport and Taconnaz and between other airports in France that include, Lyon Airport (LYS), Chambery Airport (CMF) and Grenoble Airport (GNB) and in Italy that include Milan Airport (MXP) and Turin Airport (TRN).

Immediately after you book your private transfer online, you receive an instant confirmation via e-mail and by SMS. Your driver will meet you at the airport, or at your accommodation in Taconnaz, whichever is relevant.

About Taconnaz

The Taconnaz glacier is located in the Mont-Blanc massif, between Les Houches and Chamonix.

The distance from Chamonix and Les Houches to the Taconnaz glacier is 8.7 km (5.4 mi) and 4.3 km (2.6 mi), respectively.

Chamonix Bus operates a buys from Taconnaz to Chamonix hourly, and the journey takes around 13 minutes. Alternatively, SNCF operates a train from Taconnaz Station to Chamonix hourly, with an estimate duration of 13 minutes.