Le Mulet - The Chamonix Town Centre Free Bus


Mulet free mini-bus follows a fixed route through the centre of Chamonix and the large car park at south entrance to the town. They make it easy to get around.

Le Mulet - Chamonix Town center free bus
Mulet route and stops in Chamonix
Mulet route through Chamonix
Mulet stops in Chamonix
Le Mulet - Chamonix Town center free bus
Le Mulet Logo
Mulet is the French word for Mule

The shuttle service covering the centre of the town has been reconfigured bringing significant improvement in terms of service and frequency. From December 2, 2013, the Mulet runs:

Monday - Friday
All year round

one every 15 mins

from 7.45 am to 7 pm

Saturday - Sunday
   one every 15 mins between  one every 30 mins between
From 18 Apr to 20 June 2014 and from 8 Sept to 19 Dec 2014 9am - 12.30pm 7.45pm - 9am
1.30pm - 6pm 12.30pm - 1.30pm
6pm - 7pm
From 21 June to 7 Sept 2014 9am - 4.30pm 4.30pm to 7pm

The Mulets have connection points to the main bus service that continues up and down the valley to the main lift areas and villages. In addition, the circuit is extended to meet the strong demand from people attending the health centre. The Mullet serves two more stops “«Hôpital-Maison de Santé” and “Salle de Convivialité”.

This service was named after the mules which were once used in the valley to transport visitors to and from the scenic attractions. The Mullets replace the large buses that can no longer pass due to pedestrianisation schemes and comply with a general trend towards removing diesel fumes from the streets of the resort. All Mulets are fitted with particulate filters to reduce air polution. Each Mulet has 19 seats and Disability Access. No ticket required, not even a Carte d'Hote. Just climb aboard!