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Mont Blanc Tunnel: an electric vehicle charging station was inaugurated on the French side

Wednesday morning, 15th November 2017, an electric vehicle charging station was inaugurated on the French side of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Created for the users of the Mont Blanc tunnel, this charging station will allow a quick recharge in 30 minutes of your electric vehicle.

According to Le Dauphine, the ceremony took place in the presence of the Managing Director of the tunnel, Gilles Rakoczy, and the two representants of Syane, the Director Jean-Pierre Scotton and one of the Vice-Presidents, Gilles François.

Total cost of investment: €50,000.

The new electric charging station is connected to the Syane network (Syndicat des Energies et de L'Aménagement Numérique) which implements the installation of 160 electric vehicle charging stations in Haute-Savoie by the end of 2018.

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On the Italian side, another electric charging station will be operational in the coming days.

Two electric shuttles for the evacuation of users

La cérémonie était également l’occasion de présenter deux navettes électriques récemment acquises d'une capacité de 7 personnes chacune. Ces navettes sont destinées à l’évacuation des usagers en cas d’incident dans le tunnel et remplacent des véhicules jusque-là thermiques - et donc polluants - qui nécessitaient un entretien important.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to present two electric minibuses recently acquired with a capacity of 7 people each. These electric minibuses are intended for the evacuation of users in the event of an incident in the tunnel as well as for various transports of teams in the tunnel.

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