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Corporate Events and Team Building in Chamonix, France - Outdoor activities, food and wine themed events and entertainment

eBike Chamonix trip Corporate Events and Team Building in Chamonix, France

If you plan to organise a corporate event, a strategic meeting or a "reach the summit" team building conference, and put it together with some outdoor activities in the mountains (winter and/or summer), to boost your employees or simply reconnect your team members while spending an "extra-ordinary" moment in Chamonix Mont Blanc and in the Alps.

Conferences, Strategic Meetings, Product Launches, Corporate Rewards & Wine Tastings

Chamonix, known as the Mecca of ski, mountaineering and other mountain Sports, has become in past few years, a reference location for your professional and corporate events.

From international conferences to tailor-made team building events, Chamonix offers, thanks to its infrastructures, its proximity to Geneva Airport and its exceptional mountains, the perfect place for your event.

The mountain itself is also an excellent teaching area to help your employees progress. Indeed, in mountaineering, values ​​such as solidarity, leadership, resilience, climbing party, climb to the top / goal, the strategy to achieve it, the management of stress, uncertainty, crisis management are moments of life that amateur and professional mountaineers live almost daily.

The magnificence, the enthusiasm, the dream, the motivation of mountaineering, make very similar the connection between world of business and the mountain.

Conferences, winter and summer mountain activities, gala dinners, wine tastings, private parties ... our team of project managers are here to create with you your event, your own adventure in Chamonix!!!

Some activity ideas among others: night snowshoeing in the winter, ski the Vallée Blanche, mountain bike downhill, etc. etc. But also other activities less "adventurous" as a fondue on a moonlight night, wine tastings, guided tour at the Aiguille du Midi (3842m) or the Mer de Glace (panorama and history of the site).

We want your guests to experience unique sensations, and to leave Chamonix with just one desire: get back with their family and friends as soon as possible. All while respecting the majestic nature that surrounds us.

If your company is looking for creative ideas to "energize" the spirit of your team and for your members to have a relaxing time between two projects... contact us!

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