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Road bike trip from Chamonix - Mont Blanc to Emosson Dam

Emosson Dam (Switzerland)

This alpine road bike tour, from Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) to the Emosson Dam (Switzerland) is a remarkably beautiful tour. It's challenging as the climb to Col du Montets is long and arduous with another steep climb to the actual dam but it is definitely worth it.

The views that you have from the Col des Montets and the Emosson Dam are simply breathtaking. But as we said before, this tour is hard.

The ascent to the Emosson Dam is long and very steep. You should do a bit of mountain pass or extra kilometer training before you attempt it.

Another interesting point of this trip, is that the road that takes you to the Emosson's Dam has very little traffic. This trip is a must!

The itinerary:

Chamonix - Mont Blanc / Argentière / Col des Montets / Chatelard (border with Switzerland) / Col de la Forclaz / Finhaut / Emosson Dam / Back to Chamonix by the same route.

Numbers: 78km and 2010m D