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Petit Balcon Sud, Petit Balcon Nord, Bois de Bouchet, Les Mottets

Mountain Bike in Chamonix - Cross Country

Petit Balcon Sud (1200m)

This trail runs all the way from Argentiere to Chamonix on the south facing side of the valley. The trail is actually a walking track so the top section in Argentiere is very tough. The best option is to join the trail by the turn-off to the Grands Montets cable car.

Following along the right side of the river heading towards Chamonix the trail eventually drops down above the railway lines to Les Tines. Carry on towards Chamonix until meeting an intersection where you have two choices. Up a steep track on the right to the Petit Balcon Sud which carries on all the way to Le Brevent in Chamonix, or continue along by the riverside to Les Praz and then Chamonix.

Take the high route for better riding and no traffic as the other trail meets the road in a few places. The Petit balcon Sud is very tough to ride in the opposite direction.

Petit Balcon Nord

On the opposite side of the valley this trail runs from Chamonix to Le Tour. A great trail passing through Le Lavancher, Argentiere and Le Planet. It is easier riding from Le Tour to Chamonix but if you are fit it is worth doing a circuit of the valley on both Balcons.

This is about 16kms and should take around 3hrs. Very interesting riding on the Petit Balcon Nord around the village of Le Planet.

Les Mottets

Situated at Les Planards in Chamonix, a 4x4 track rises directly up the "winter piste" next to the luge track. Follow the 4x4 track as far as it goes. The last 200m is unridable but the view of the Mer de Glace is definitely worth it!

A beautiful place for a picnic and well earned rest. 1hr 30mins to the top, 20 mins descent into Chamonix.

Bois du Bouchet

In the area around Les Bois there are many tracks and trails that follow the river splitting into many trails near the paragliding landing zones. Most of these run along the flat on both sides of the river. They can lead south into Chamonix via the Bois du Bouchet or carry on further up the valley via Le Lavancher on the Petit Balcon Nord.

It is possible to make many loops or circuits and not be riding on the same trails. A perfect place to ride for children and the inexperienced.